Not everything matters to everyone, and it’s evident in the way react and respond in our natural habitat.

Observation 1

In the residential area that I stay, there are 5 – 6 street dogs in every block, demarcating their areas. Hundreds of people stay there, but there’s only one lady who takes a car every morning at 5:00 AM, going around the residential area, feeding them. She has been doing it for past 8 years now. When spoken, all she says, someone needs to take care of them too. They are a part of our society. Our streets are safe at night because of them.

Observation 2

My residential area is under a development stage and hundreds of building are under construction. Constructions means water, and the local municipality is well planned to have provided water lines all around, but to the discomfort some day or the other, one or the other tap is broken, and water keeps flowing.

Hundreds of people stay here and they never get bothered looking at these broken taps and water flowing out through out the day. There’s a person who is often found around this area fixing this taps by plugging in wooden branches or tying plastics to close the water wastage, during his morning walks. People just watch him doing it, and then continue walking, just like earlier. When spoken, all he says, he can’t see water getting wasted and doesn’t get sleep. He has even jumped boundaries of houses in the past to close the taps which the Security guards leave it open carelessly. 

Observation 3

One of my known person has a colleague working with him. His colleague was skilled but with very basic education in regional language, eight standard pass. He could barely read or write in English, but has the willingness to learn.

This person took the effort to work on his English education and continuously worked on him for three months, every single day. Now his colleague is working on an excel sheet. When spoken, he humbly says, it will help him to grow in life.


There are hundreds of such incidents that keeps happening around us. Why am I sharing this story? Not everything matters to everyone. Often we get disturbed and blame someone or the other for the poor state of affairs of things around us. During this process we disturb our peace and sometimes even get into unnecessary arguments for no particular reason.

The simple mantra to remember here is

Not Everything Matters To Everyone. If It Matters To You, Do Something About It Yourself