Look Inside Before Your Step Outside – Self Analysis Questionnaire

Time to get back to work, great news. You are one of those lucky few. I am sure you would know that it’s not the same world out there. The world has changed, so how about taking out some time to look inside yourself first, before you head outside.

I have listed down some questionnaires for you to look inside, and look deeply for real answers. Don’t answer it superficially, you would only be fooling yourself. All the best.

1. What has been your learning during this lock-down?

2. If you consider this as a fresh start, what would you want to STOP doing?

3. And what would you want to START doing?

4. What has been your wins so far?

5. Anything that you regret not doing this year so far? And how are you going to get rid of this feeling?

6. What change do you want to bring in yourself this year and how do you think it will improve your performance?

7. If you must criticize yourself, what would it look like?

8. If you have to ask for help for your own improvement, what would it be and whom would you ask?

9. If you must make one commitment to yourself to stick to, for this year, what would it be?

10. What is that one thing that you would try to do this year at work, which you have never done before?

Hope this helps you. I would love to hear more questions if you wish to add. Wish you a great 2020 ahead…

2 Replies to “Look Inside Before Your Step Outside – Self Analysis Questionnaire”

  1. 1: Covid 19 shown us no border in this world , no big and no small all of us equal and we have to love honestly each other, what ever we do we must do the right,

    2: immediately to complete task.

    3: physically to involve all operations. follow up daily basis, finding new business sources, proper copyrighting which support our hotel advertising, interacting with all our guests during breakfast period to know how theirs stay and deliver our promotions.

    4 : I am still live and I am member of IHG

    5: We lost everything until now, next six month we have to work without time fram to minimize our financial gap and provide memorable service to our guests, targeting all type of businesses even it is small portion.

    6: Each and single beneficiary point to follow and complete within time fram

    7: When I keep my self front of mirror, I feel nothing I have done for this world,

    8: IHG Merlin (my learning) is the best platform for improvement, another improve ment from guests comments and sharing knowledge during daily briefing.

    9: Local new hire colleagues to be developed.

    10: Hydroponic green house to implement in our hotel which will support us to replace all our rental plants to save our money, our hotel will looks greenery, we can get fresh organic leafy for our guests,

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