How You As An Associate Should Prepare Before Going Back To Your Job

Pandemic is not unknown anymore. All of us have learnt how crisis looks like and how to handle it. We have learnt what does essentials mean. We also learnt also what cash flow means, which used to be a word only known and understood by financial wizards.

Businesses have started opening up and getting ready to welcome customers. There has been enough and more information on how customer behaviour is going to change and what changes is being done by organisations to make business safe and favourable for customer to come back.

In the midst of all this, how are you, as an associate preparing yourself for the new world, or you feel no preparation is required. If you feel the latter, then it’s time you should give it a second thought.

Customer expectations has changed, Owners expectations has changed, your Leaders expectations has changed and so should you change the way you perform and deliver. Here’s how you should prepare yourself for the new world.

Be a Jack of all Trades.

Add knowledge and skill to yourself. You will be entering a world with fierce competition and you have to perform at your best potential. There was time when talent was less in supply, but in current situation there’s plenty of talent sitting out there to replace you.

Polish Your Business Language

Communication is the key and how you communicate makes a lot of difference. In a new world where panic and fear is at driving seat, how you speak and generate that belief of safety in your customer, is on top priority, and you will only be able to do that once you know the language well, have a deep lexical resource and use it well.

Know Your Company & Product Well

When was the last time you logged on to your own company’s website or social media pages. Not done yet, time to do it now. Your company communicates with the world online and as an employee of an organizations, you should be aware what is being promised to customers to bring them to you, as you are the one standing in forefront to deliver those promises made.

Learn Safe Practices

It’s absolutely not easy to work with a mask and gloves on. I am still struggling and learning. If you are still at home, start living with a mask for few hours. It’s important that you get used to it soon. If you are working in a customer facing environment, it’s critical for you to learn this and this is the new normal. A customer expects you to be at the best of your hygiene practices and show it to them. That’s how you will be able to create psychologically safe environment for them.

Give It A Fresh Start

Everything that you have done before April 2020 is history. Your performance appraisal is closed and shut forever. If you feel that you could ride the tide of your past performance, you are mistaken.

It’s a new world out there, humans and business have evolved. Competency and expectations have changed. Hence your performance starts anew the minute you land at your job. And interestingly since there will be very few of you, you and your performance will be visible.

It’s a new world out there and it’s imperative that you are prepared well before entering it. Well prepared not only professionally but socially as well. You have to learn how to show love, care and empathy without touching. Seems difficult right? So, what are you waiting for. The article is over, get to action.

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