Reviewing Basics Of Leadership And Management To Start 2020

2020 has not seen a great start. Corona virus has changed the definition of Leadership & Management and we will see a complete new competency level being developed and evolving. However, the new definition still needs to be built up the foundation of basic leadership and management attributes.

As we are all getting ready to fresh start with complete new approach to Leadership & Management, it’s best to review and do a little bit of homework.

1. Create a vision of your culture and hire people who can strengthen it.

2. You cannot change people; you can only help them getting better at what they choose to change in themselves.

3. Don’t be complacent and don’t ride on your past success. Every assignment is new and comes with new set of learning’s and challenges.

4. Understand that you will be working with different people from different states and different language, but’with similar emotions.

5. Gather perspectives but don’t form opinions, and even if you have, don’t believe in them unless put to test. Most of these opinions are based on poor leadership skills displayed by someone else.

6. If you want to build a culture, you need to first live the culture yourself. And culture is nothing but a set of right habits & right behaviors that you live every day.

7. When you are on top, talk less and listen more. Start talking from where others have ended and add value. If you have nothing to add, keep quiet.

8. Create a safe psychological space for new ideas to take birth, come to light and prosper.

9. Be inquisitive and open to learn from your juniors. You would be surprised to the new ideas that they have,

10. Listen More, Observe More, Feel More.

11. Create a powerful positive culture that suffocates negative people.

12. Be watchful of people who tend to damage the culture. It’s better to let them go to save others.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels