A Job That Will Make It’s Way Back Into Hotels

Approximately 15 – 16 years back, I was walking across my F&B Manager’s Office, and was suddenly caught by one of our Hotel Executive. No one used to like her. It was best to take a U-turn and change direction, rather than facing her.

I looked at her, and she looked at me with a bigger smile, as if she got a lottery. I exactly knew what is she gonna do. My brain was now working fast, trying to recollect what all have I done since morning. She started walking towards me, and I could not run away, or else she will complain to my boss and than I will sure shot get tagged as defaulter.

She approached and asked me politely with a big smile, “Show me your hands”. Couldn’t help much, I extended my hand. She took out swabs, wiped on my hands, put it in a sterlised bag and left. No further discussion. Now all I could do was wait for next day briefing, and if bad luck prevails then today’s evening briefing. I saw her doing the same exercise with couple of more guys caught in the corridor and some escaping her quickly.

You guessed it right, if you have worked with them, Hygiene Managers. Improved personal hygiene practices mandated and taught by Hotels to every associates, implementation of FDA/FSIS/HACCP guidelines, gave a great sense of clean & hygienic environment. Hence with time slowly Hygiene Managers phased out and took shelter in other Food Industries

With the recent development of COVID19 and pressing need of improved and effective hygiene practices more than ever, Hygiene Managers are going to make a U-Turn into Hotels.

Hygiene practices have to be redefined and audited more frequently than ever. Corona virus which is speculated to be here to stay, further makes it more important.

While we are all waiting and preparing to open soon, however what will sustain us in future will be effective implementation of Hygiene Practices.

Do we have enough Hygiene Managers available in the market is a question to be asked?

Photo by Kamille Sampaio from Pexels

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