Are you effectively using the Lock-down Period?

When the lock-down will get over, it will give us immense happiness and pleasure. The world will start becoming safer, businesses will start picking up, you will start traveling, going out to see new places, meet old friends, drink beer, party, movies and the list goes on.

And don’t forget, the workload will also increase. Business will not start soaring from day one, so you would be effectively doing work of 2 or more people alone. Your days will start at early and end at very late, every day, because you will be thinking that so much of work hour is lost due to lock-down, and you should make it up by working extra hours.  

And then after few weeks, you will start cribbing, regretting, and will finally accept that you lost the valuable time lock-down gave you.

Yes You – Your ME Time, as known popularly. ME time doesn’t always means holidays or vacations to destinations. ME time means when you are yourself and you are utilizing that time to add value to yourself, physically, mentally, psychologically and morally. Get it hard on your face, this time is not going to ever come back in your life. A time where you have all the time to yourself. Your family time is also your time.

Ask yourself a question, you have been in lock-down from past 21 days or more already, what did you do for yourself in these days? If nothing, you have lost the time my friend. Whatever you do now, you can’t get this time back.

Have you ever imagined, what you could have done in these 21 days for yourself and your family?

  1. You could have watched the entire Ramayana series on internet with your children’s teaching them about the Indian mythology.
  2. You could have read them one moral story every day, building up their value systems.
  3. You could have cleared your Inbox which is loaded with over 4000 emails, cluttering your email and your mind.
  4. You could have learnt Yoga online and practiced every morning.
  5. You could have done one or more online educational course from Edx, Udemy, Coursera etc.
  6. You could have learnt cooking food by reading recipes from the internet.
  7. You could have read a book.
  8. You could have reduced your weight by at least 5 kgs by just following right eating practices – Breakfast before 8, lunch before 1 and dinner before 7.
  9. You could have deep cleaned your house and removed everything that is unnecessary. Watch “Minimalism” on Netflix to learn living a minimalist life.
  10. You could have ironed all your clothes lying in your wardrobe.
  11. You could have reviewed all your credit card statements from past 6 months – 12 months to realize, that how much money you have spent which was just not required.
  12. You could have watched documentaries or listened to TED Talks learning about real life subjects that really do matter.
  13. You could have tried a hand on writing articles or stories. Look for Story contest on Times of India Writing Contest.
  14. You could have learnt meditation using Headspace app.
  15. You could have practiced Mindfulness in everything that you do.
  16. You could have learnt how to do pedicure and given a pedicure to your mother. You don’t need too many things to do it, just love and a heart to do.
  17. You could have given a head oil massage to your parents or partner at least once during this period, or even to yourself.
  18. You could have just deleted all the old/duplicate/useless pictures in your mobile gallery, which is of no use now.
  19. You could have called all your friends and relatives once during this period, and also deleted useless contact number which are just lying out there in your mobile.
  20. You could have just deep cleaned your kitchen and not wait for Diwali.
  21. You could have just planned how will you lead a life once the lock-down opens.

There’s no end to things that you could have done, but you just lost it. Do you feel the regret?

Not yet. No worries, you will, when reality will hit you.

And if yes, then here’s the time again. The lock-down is extended for next 21 days again. It’s is said that it takes 21 days to develop a habit and 90 days top develop a lifestyle.

So, what do you plan to do, live with regret after the lock-down opens or use this time to add something to yourself or your family?

Nature & Government can put you in Lock-down, but what you do in that Lock-down is your choice. Make a Choice.

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