How you can support as a Hotel Guest to fight COVID-19

Hotels are going through a tough phase during this COVID-19 Pandemic. With maximum number of Hotels already closed down, some are closed to arrivals and some have been offered as Quarantine Facility to the Health Ministry.

If you are stuck as a Hotel Guest, remember, there are associates who are stuck as well. Hotels are not in their full manning strength now. Average ratio is approximately 2:10 now, which means 2 associates for every 10 rooms. If it’s a 100-room hotel, they will not have more than 20 associates to manage the entire Hotel, because of the lockdown.

Here’s how you, as a Guest, can help and support the Hotels in doing their job better

1. Follow Instructions.

All the Hotels are following guidelines laid down by Health Ministry & Government. Support them in following the guidelines. These are the Hotels who have supported you when things were right with all your requests, I think you can reciprocate this back to them by following what they are advising you to.

2. Stay in your Rooms.

Do not go out of your rooms unnecessarily. Stay inside. If you have ever read instructions in an elevator car, “You are safe inside the elevator”. Social distancing is a passe now, the key is now Human distancing.

3. Don’t ask for room cleaning service frequently and unnecessarily

Due to the lockdown, nothing is moving outside. Which means the chemical stock of washing linen & utensils is depleting and other chemicals are also depleting in stock. While it’s available in factories but this can’t reach the Hotel at this hour. Ensure you are keeping your room clean as much as possible. Use towels wisely. Reuse them, the way you do at your homes.

4. Order “Room Service”

If you are the one of those who only gets satisfied by eating from a buffet, now is the time to control your urge. Order what you wish to eat and in room. Take your Hotel like you home and the grocery supplies like you’re in your own kitchen. Order right and finish it. It’s not about the money now, it’s about saving the food supplies. Order in disposables, ask the server to ring the bell and leave it outside the room. And once you are done, leave it outside your room and let them know to collect it. Key is Human distancing.

5. Social Distancing > Human Distancing > Media Distancing – Save Your Mental Health

Overwhelmed with the information, we do not know which news to trust and which not. Empty mind is a devil workshop, and that’s what is happening now. People are looking for information from web and posting it with different tags. Being sane in this toughest task now. The most famous being a video with dead bodies, wrapped in garbage being dumped in a pit somewhere in Italy – it’s a clip from a movie, not a real scenario.

Don’t read WhatsApp forwards or forward them again, they are fake 80% of the times. Save your Mental Health.

6. Be Polite

Be polite to Hotel associates. They are equally stressed as you are. You are resting but they are working. You can maintain Human distancing, but they can’t, because they are there to serve. Talk to them politely. Ask them about their family and how they are feeling. Hotel associates are Human Too. Help them to do their job better. Listen to their requests and help them by telling other guests who are not listening to them.

Only we can prevent the country from this Pandemic, by doing what our Health Ministry, Government & WHO advises us to do. Support the Hotels because they are your Homes now for some time.

Image Credit: Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

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