About The Author

Hemant is a seasoned hospitality industry professional with two decades of experience in Leading & Coaching Teams, Goal Setting, Driving Business Results and Setting Up Division and Departments. He has spent most of his Leadership Tenure in managing people and business, and his journey continues.

He has profound love for coaching and developing people and believes that the root of everything is in training and coaching. He writes frequently about a range of topics which are purely based on his experience while working and interacting with people over past two decades, and puts it forward in easy to-do steps and solutions, which are practically simple to replicate in one’s profession.

All his blogs are written from the lens of an practising Leader and a Manager, and is based on insights which he gathers from his day to interactions, reflections and discussions. All his views are personal, and is validated through his journey of life and work

His vision is to provide Free Workplace Education to all Hospitality Professionals, to succeed in this diverse industry which is 80% based on human interactions.